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A novel approach to optimize grinding circuits- Modelling

strategy to monitor ball mill particle size

 distribution data at Lakan plant*



A. Hajati1, S. Z. Shafaei2, AND M. Noaparast2


1Dept. of Mining, Arak Engineering and Technical Faculty, Iran University of Science and Technology, Arak, I. R. of Iran

2School of Mining, University College of Engineering, University of Tehran, Tehran, I. R. of Iran



Abstract– Online monitoring and control of size distribution in any grinding circuit is a vital task in mineral processing plants. Flotation process efficiency depends on the size of feed materials and also fraction of the fine particles e.g. -38 microns. This paper presents a new approach to monitor the size distribution of Lakan Pb/Zn flotation circuit in Iran. A software monitoring size distribution has been developed, based on two main parameters named "n" which is reduction ratio in the mill and "b" which comes from Guadin equation, i.e. W=aDb. "n" depends on mill characters and feed function while "b" depends on ore, instruments, and other properties. Liberation and size fraction studies showed that the d80 of ground material should be -74 microns and weight of passing 38 microns materials should be 35-40%, which is the optimum condition for the flotation recovery. Finally, results obtained from ball mill circuit for "n" and "b" indicated that these parameters were equal to "nBall Mill=80-87" and "bBall Mill=0.84-1.1" at optimum condition. Under this condition, flotation recovery increases up to 75%, which is practically confirmed in Lakan flotation plant.        


Keywords– Monitoring, modeling, optimization, size distribution, Ball Mill, Lakan



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