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Duties and activities of the dormitory office:
The dormitory is a place where in the students live and they pay the education section for it. This environment is considered as one of the most important parts of -- a student’s life due to the importance of this period in the student’s life and the effect that this environment has on the personalities of the students. This period can cause the students who have come from different parts of the country to become friends and brothers and live with each other.
- Purposes and duties:
- Accepting and settling the nonnative students in student dormitories.
- Equipping the dormitories with necessary  facilities.
- Observing the accurate implementation of dormitory’s rules and regulations.
- Measuring needs and following all the problems of the dormitories.
- providing and delivering the public and immediate means which are necessary for the residents of the student dormitories.
- performing affairs for finishing the accounts of students’ tuitions.
- providing peace, security and relative welfare for students.
- protecting the properties and establishments of the dormitory.

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